Community Development

Community development refers to the process for guiding growth and development in the Township and includes the following types of applications:
  • Sketch Plan - is the introduction of schematic and rough drawings of what is being proposed. It begins discussion between the developer and the Township for conceptual ideas. There is no vote for or against such a plan but rather this step serves as an opportunity to provide information.
  • Minor Subdivision Plan - is typically one lot is being divided into two, or a lot is changing its boundaries, also called a lot line change. This type of plan will require a vote of the Board of Commissioners to be approved or denied.
  • Preliminary Land Development or Subdivision Plan - is a plan providing significantly more detail than a sketch plan. This plan is circulated to Township consultants for review and then the applicant presents before the Planning Commission for discussion and a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners. The plan will appear before the Board of Commissioners for review and a vote to approve or deny the plan.
  • Final Land Development or Subdivision Plan – is a plan of final changes made after the preliminary land development or subdivision plan is approved. All outstanding necessary approvals from other agencies are received. The plan must receive a recommendation from the Planning Commission. Finally, the plan goes before the Township Board of Commissioners for a vote at a public meeting for final approval.
  • Conditional Use - is specifically set forth in the Zoning Ordinance. When the Township receives an application for Conditional Use, a public hearing before the Board of Commissioners is scheduled. 
  • Zoning Amendment - is a change to the text in the zoning ordinance. A revised ordinance is written and must be reviewed by the Planning Commission and receive a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners.  
  • Map Amendment - is a change to the zoning map. A map amendment must be advertised and a Hearing must be held by the Board of Commissioners.